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Icon Allungabile

Icon Allungabile - Gallery
Icon Allungabile - Gallery

DESIGN: Alberto Turolo


The warmth of solid wood, ancient resource on which ITF 100% Design boasts  decades of manufacturing know-how, is combined with the innovation of ceramic stoneware.
Versatility is the main characteristic of this product line, that includes fixed and  extendable tables of different sizes, available in many variations and finishes.
Authenticity is the keyword of this creation became an icon for ITF Design. This table is a refined piece which showcases the finesse of its handmade design combined with the most modern production technologies.
The idea behind this table collection, till 300cm length, is to offer an easy-to-achieve extendible solution which maintains its elegance even when extended. This simplicity is achieved thanks to the use of discreet techniques, with an alluminium frame with integrated sliding system, and match traditional noble materials such as wood and ceramic in a contemporary design .
This table, stands out due to the simplicity of its design combined with the extreme robustness of its ceramic table top. This original material, used for counter tops, is resistant to scratches like no other material.

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