100% Made in Italy

ITF DESIGN was established in the late nineties, starting from the experience of a previous entrepreneurial activity involved with traditional solid wood working, mainly external consignments.
From the beginning the aim was to obtain success in a direct way in the national and international market, using the know-how obtained by the production of quality tables and chairs. In a short time the need emerged to extend its product range to include items created using new techniques and innovative materials in order to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly selective and demanding market, in terms of quality, safety and design.

2000 marks an important ITF success: the launch of a new generation of products called ITF 100% Design, based on an exclusive way of working that sees the origin and growth of the project directly from the production process. The factory becomes the vital center of the whole production process, from the first creative inspiration to the realization. And it’s here that the designer and the technician work side by side, in a continuous exchange of ideas and knowledge, to guarantee the absolute quality through the most simple and brilliant solutions. In a well organized context, the early intuitive energy and the materials vitality give birth to a series of products, revealing the immediacy and freshness of the original idea and the ability to create and anticipate needs and use solutions.

A principle of production where tradition, strictness and quality research are well integrated to the constant testing of new materials and technologies, achieved with the support of major Universities and chemical industries. This philosophy brought the company to patent a great number of models as well as several production processes.

The company carefully considers the stimulus coming from the design and art world as well as from the evolution of living, in order to create contemporary solutions which can meet all present-day needs. The result is a collection of products having an essential style but with a strong identity, which fits without merging, and becomes part of all environments: at home, in studying or working areas, indoor or outdoor. A further evidence of the high value and of the superior quality of ITF DESIGN creations, are the successes obtained in prestigious awards.

Today the company it’s specialized and become the most innovative producer of tables, coffee tables, sideboards and complementary items in ceramic stones and marbles 3.5 and 5.5 mm in Italy and Europe. The experience made in this 10 years give us the necessary know how, to create a real revolution in the market. Today the company is a reality of success on the international market, export the 95% of the turnover and is active in both the contract and residential sector with proposals perfect for any environment: homes, offices, places of study or work, indoors and outdoors.


When you buy ITF Design products, you don't get just simple mass-produced items.
You're buying hundreds of working hours spent in design, failures, tests and experiments.
Days, weeks and even months plenty of frustration and satisfaction.
You're buying furniture, but you're actually obtaining a piece of heart.
A piece of our soul, some life-time of our artisans.
Our work is our passion and your daily pleasure.

Alberto Turolo, ITF Designer