Minimal lines and inclined rear legs make the profile slender. A mono-shell structure made of polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre ensures great handiness.

Seat and back coverings can be chosen among a wide range of eco-leathers and leathers for a delicate effect.

It is stackable


Pelle Vip

Leather Vip

Pelle Rigenerata Naturale

Reg. Natural Leather

Ecopelle 1

Ecoleather 1

Ecopelle 2

Ecoleather 2

Ecopelle Lux 3

Ecoleather Lux 3

Ecopelle Lux 4

Ecoleather Lux 4

Tessuto B

Fabric B

Tessuto C

Fabric C

Tessuto Lux

Fabric Lux

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Data Sheet

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