Mamamia OnDemand

 Mamamia OnDemand


Mamamia and Mi_ami were the first seat in air molding of ITF Design, have met and exceeded the targets we set ourselves, but we wanted to reward this successful project, with an edition OnDemand for those who want to give vent to the side that is creative in itself.

Mamamia RAL

Since when born Mamamia, requests that reached us were the most diverse: “Can we have it with a specific color to match the floor? “Can we have it opaque instead of shiny?”.

The needs in the field of furniture are endless and just get married with the production requirements of a process so complex. It began as a spontaneous project that we wanted to create with our forces and has involved several companies and research studies.

Yes, Mamamia RAL is a chair painted, but to be able to withstand the weather and wear of a normal use, the painting process, and particularly the materials used, were objects of a 3-years study.

Mamamia Decor

Where to get through personalization, the right balance, so that a chair for contract or residential, will become the chair of your dreams?
The Mamamia Decor gives the possibility of having a chair unique and personalized thanks to the decorations applied with super resistant stickers (also for outdoor). You can decorate the seat as you want, with the help of our expert graphics in the field ready to make the perfect design.
Send us your idea and we will realize it!


RAL OnDemand




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