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About Us

ITF was founded in the late '80s on the experience of a previous business venture engaged in traditional solid wood processing, mainly for third parties. From the beginning the intention is to build its success on the national and international market directly, using the know-how acquisition in the production of tables and chairs in quality. Quality understood as a continuous search for optimal materials, high creativity and safety. A company attentive to the world of design, art and the evolution of the ways of life and living, to create contemporary solutions suited to the requirements of today.
The year 2000 marks an important success for ITF: see the light line ITF 100% Design. The company has strengthened its commitment to research, quality, innovation techniques and testing of new materials. The design aims to give shape to the desires through a design based on emotion. The color becomes the key element that drives every creative idea. Color as emotion that transforms the perception of space, the atmosphere and the mood of the people. Color as energy that characterizes environments based on accurate energy properties. Design is developing a line of thought, a research and experience.
Every material, every finish, every project that we put in place is a new beginning, a constant search for improvement.
Today the company is a reality of success on the international market and is active in both the contract and residential sector with proposals perfect for any environment: homes, offices, places of study or work, indoors and outdoors.
Passion and dedication lead us always to do our job of design makers, with the aim to express the potential 'of our country: Italy, home of creativity', tradition and quality '.


Turolo Walter


Turolo Alberto


Del Fabbro David

Product Manager

Franco Patrizia

Area Manager

Sabbata Daniela

Chief Financial Officer

Marchitelli Gianluca

Graphic Designer

Gabriella Nadalutti

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